The Beauty Of

The Beauty Of Working Out

I do not consider myself in shape. Just like everyone else I am not at the body that I am striving for. But I am certainly on my way.

I used to be an avid volleyball player from when I was in 7th grade all the way through the fall of my sophomore year of high school. When I wasn’t at practice that was scheduled twice a week for club season and EVERY DAY for high school season or playing in games or tournaments, I was constantly practicing at home against my garage or in gym class with my friends. Everything I did revolved around practicing volleyball. And at first that paid off. I made Junior Varsity my freshman and sophomore year but I was often stuck on the 2’s team for club. All I wanted was to play with other girls that were as passionate as I was. The way, I thought, I could get to this was to switch clubs. So that’s exactly what I tried to do. I went to this new club almost three times a week for a month in preparation for tryouts. I thought I was really making progress until I eventually got cut from this new club. And I ended up quitting volleyball.

Although this change was actually amazing for my emotional and mental health it eventually caught up to me physically. I stopped working out and practicing constantly but my diet stayed the same. I eventually realized that I had lost my abs, still sad about this, and that I no longer felt good about my body.

This trend continued until this summer. This summer I tried something new.

My friend and I started running. A lot. Literally everyday for a week. And although this doesn’t seem like a lot it created a drive in me to continue to workout and get my health back.

So everyday, okay so almost everyday, I make sure that I am getting my 30 minutes of activity, although it is usually more! I have tried to eat healthier and I have actually started to see a difference.


I have finally been able to say that again!!!

But if you are looking to do the same but HATE running there are SO MANY OPTIONS to stay in shape these days!

Some of my personal favorites include…

  • Yoga—tone up and sweat it out!
  • Dance—in no way shape or form am I a dancer but youtube has thousands of unique and fun dance videos that are perfect for anyone! (you also can just dance it out in your bedroom to your favorite songs!)
  • Running—a classic, but be careful of shin splints—biggest plus about running is getting to spend time outdoors and seeing beautiful scenery!
  • Walking—YES walking can help you get into shape! You just need to get active!
  • 8 minute abs—yes this seems too good to be true but if you continue with these youtube videos everyday you will see a difference

I hope that through this I was at least able to inspire some of you to get up off of that couch and get moving!

Until my next post, have an amazing day!



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