The Beauty Of

The Beauty Of Adventuring

Adventure is out there. That’s actually true. There are always hidden places and trails that are always missed by society.

In the past few weeks I have decided to explore more than ever before. Whether it be hiking in the woods or exploring the city, adventuring is always an exciting occasion.


Adventuring, at least for me, usually consists of walking around cities or places that I usually don’t visit. Today my friend and I decided to go hiking in a neighboring city. I had zero idea that there was hiking trails there!

It ended up being a beautiful sight to see once we hiked up to the top. Although it was difficult and strenuous on our legs and lungs, we were very short breathed, it was stunning. The sun and warmth of the sun also added to the experience. I 100% recommend going on a sunny day. You are able to experience nature and soak up some vitamin D.


If there aren’t any local trails or wooded areas near you I definitely recommend exploring and adventuring in a city. There are always unique events happening and interesting people that are wondering around the city. You can always go to the one Instagram worthy spot you’ve always wanted to visit, or go and try that new ice cream shop that everyone was raving about.

My friend and I decided to try this out a few days ago as we explored downtown Minneapolis. We walked across the Stone Arch bridge and were able to see this beautiful sunset along the river. This is the type of things that make adventuring worth it: the memories and the scenery.

Not only does adventuring allow you to see a new view on a city or nature, it also allows you to get closer with whoever you explore with. You can go with an old friend to catch up or it can serve as a great, and cheap, date!

I hope that I was able to inspire you all to go our and adventure!

Until my next post, have an amazing day!




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