Photo Round Up

Monthly Photo Round Up: July 2017

I have always loved taking photos, especially ever since my dad started collecting vintage cameras. Ever since then I have realized my love for photography. So…I’ve decided to start a monthly photo round up at the end of each month. At the end of each month I plan to post my favorite photos from the month in order to showcase my month and everything I did throughout. I hope you enjoy!


Although this picture was taken in the end of June I counted it in July…oops. But this was taken after dinner one night when my family and I went to a restaurant that was located on a beautiful lake.


You will notice that many of my favorite pictures include the sky, whether it be a sunset or just the sky in general. What can I say the sky and nature is beautiful.


This picture was actually taken during my senior photos photoshoot and was taken by my lovely photographer of the night Mycah, from Redmond Digital Media!


This next photo was taken by my dad with one of him old school film cameras at my cousins wedding. My sister and I were bridesmaids and had a little fun with this picture, which was taken after the wedding ceremony!


Again what can I say I love sunsets. This one was taken during a walk downtown with one of my best friends. We saw the beauty and the extraordinary colors and just had to stop to take a picture!


Taken later on the same walk as the picture above. I just love the Minneapolis skyline it is beautiful. I am so thankful that I live so close to such a wonderful city. I also love that the moon is making a cameo in the picture.


Taken after a treacherous hike but the view was 100% worth it. Although to be fair the hike was not very long but in my defense it was a steep hike up to the top.

I hope that you enjoyed my favorite photos of this month!

Until my next post, have an amazing day!




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