College Applications…Oh My

Yesterday marked the, dreaded, day that starts the never ending process of college applications. August 1st rings a bell to almost anyone who has applied for college in the United States. This day is filled with soon to be crushed dreams and a plethora of anxiety across the country.

This morning I set off to explore what terrible essays I would have to write in the coming months. I was taken back by the idea that I would have to write FOUR essays for only two schools. And then annoyed by the fact that other schools haven’t even opened their applications yet.

I don’t know what has scared me the most over the course of this summer: the fact that I had to apply to college or the idea that I would be leaving for college in a year.

Although college brings new experiences and friendships that show your first step into adulthood they come at the cost of 4 year of hard work and then months of preparation with the applications.

The anxiety over these applications and essays has already began to set in as I started my first essays this morning. I found myself drawing a blank when it came to finding words that worked in coherent sentences, that also you know made sense.

Essay writing has always been one of my weaknesses. Although I can easily just free write about what is ever on my mind I find it almost impossible to find the right words to start a 100 point essay that is due the next week. I hate the daunting task of writing an essay that responds to a prompt, fits within the word limit and you know helps, or hinders, your chances of getting into college.

These next few months of writing essays, revising the essays and submitting them is sure to be a rollercoaster. It’s August 2nd, the second day that applications open, and I can already say that I can’t wait for this process to be over. And I have barely even started…

If you are also starting your college apps GOOD LUCK!! We all will need it!

Until my next post, have an amazing day!




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