Rainy Day

Rainy days can seem like a drab. They always come when you’ve been away from the sun for too long and all you want to do is spend a day outside. But I’m tellin’ you they can be just as fun as a beautiful summer day!

Today in Minnesota it is 65° F in AUGUST! It was almost 100° at the beginning of June! Totally weird. But at the same time we needed some rain and let me tell you it is coming down hard. But I am totally okay with it today because it means that I can sit back and relax inside without feeling like I am wasting a day of summer.

Since rain is inevitable I am here to show you what you can do on a rainy day because we always seem to be stuck.


Catch up on Netflix:

We always seem to want to binge watch every Netflix show from Grey’s Anatomy to Gossip Girl on a beautiful summer day. Why not do that on a rainy day?

Options for something new to watch:

  • Gossip Girl
  • Friends
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • One Tree Hill

Play in the rain:

If there isn’t a tornado or severe weather warning go for it! Go have fun and pretend to be a kid again!

Go shopping:

Rainy days are the perfect time to go shopping at an indoor mall or ONLINE. Why not start your back to school clothes shopping now?!?


Even if you don’t have top of the line equipment in your basement there are TONS of online workouts on Pinterest or Youtube that anyone can do!

Here are some of my favorite options for Youtube workouts!:


Okay so if you have had a long week and all you want to do is sleep this is your time to shine! Go take that nap and enjoy yourself!

Bake up a storm:

Why not try that new recipe that you have been dying to make for the past year?


I feel like I am always wanting to reorganize my closet but I never seem to have the time. There is no time like a rainy day to do this!

Catch up with friends:

If you don’t want to be alone on a rainy day go catch up with some friends that you have been meaning to hang out with the entire summer!

I hope that you found something new to do on a rainy day!

Until my next post, have an amazing day!




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