18 Before 18

Since I recently turned 17 I decided to come up with a list of 18 things to do before I turned 18 in a little less than a year. Because 18 is considered being an adult, this is the last 18 things I REALLY want to do before I legally become an adult

  1. Go to a drive in movie: there is a drive in movie park I guess you could say about an hour away from my house. I have always wanted to get a group of friends together and make the trek out there.
  2. Find my dream college: okay this one is kinda inevitable because I will be applying to college and touring colleges this year. So hopefully I find my DREAM college.
  3. Go to every sporting even that I can attend: in the past few years of high school I haven’t really gone to any sporting events but this year I WILL go to multiple sporting events.
  4. Make a snowman: Okay so I know this could be considered “childish” but I want one last run at making these magical creations before I become an adult.
  5. Read the Harry Potter series: Yes. I have not read the Harry Potter series. And, yes. I know everyone read this back in elementary school. But I plan to read them my senior year of high school. Oops.
  6. Run a 5K: I have ALWAYS wanted to run a 5K. But I want to run one of the really fun and upbeat races like the Color Run.
  7. Workout 5 times per week: Okay so I know that this is a long shot but I want to keep myself accountable for working out and making myself be healthy.
  8. Graduate High School: Okay I’m sorry but I had to put one thing on here that I know will, probably, happen.
  9. Journal everyday: I have started, or tried, to make a habit of this but I want to continue for the next year!
  10. Go to an R rated movie: Okay I will say that I have seen one of these before but now that I am 17 I can legally go and see one in theaters. So I 100% intend to do this.
  11. Visit the Quarries: I have always wanted to go to the Quarries and I WILL go this year!
  12. Go to Prom: self explanatory. I want to go to Prom.
  13. Go night swimming: I love swimming so why not swim at night?!?
  14. Go camping: Okay so this is also kind of cheating because I am already planning to go camping in a little over a week but I really want to go camping!
  15. Get a snap filter for an event: I love snap filters, I think they’re so fun. My friend and I were thinking about having one for our grad party so maybe we will actually keep that idea alive!
  16. Completely clean out my closet: including shoes: I don’t wear half of the clothes that are in my closet so I NEED to clean it out!
  17. Go on a road trip with friends: One last fun trip before college?
  18. Learn how to play black jack: At our senior party there is a casino that is set up. I want to learn to play and dominate so I can win prizes!!

Hopefully I am able to accomplish these 18 things in the next year! If you have anything on your list that you want to complete before your next birthday comment them below!!

Until my next post, have an amazing day!



One thought on “18 Before 18

  1. You will be 18 before you know it… then you will be 21 before you know it! I encourage you to accomplish and experience all the things you want to, as time goes way to fast! xo good luck.

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