About Me

Hi! I’m Arden. I am a 17 year old soon to be senior that has always been curious, and oddly enough I am the youngest of two girls…understand the blog’s name now?


Over the course of this summer I remembered that I had started a blog about a year ago but never actually wrote any posts…although that is the point of a blog. With life being so fast paced I forgot about something that I know I could enjoy. I intend to use this blog, not only as a resource to look back on when I am older, but also as a place to give tips and tricks for daily life, traveling and a little fashion here and there. I have always been intrigued by other’s blogs and their own styles of writing and life experiences. I hope that through this blog I am able to give another, hopefully unique, insight into the life of an average young and curious teen. I hope that you enjoy and learn something new!

If you have any questions or recommendations for new posts feel free to use the contact page!